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Solar Arrowboards
        Quality Our Arrowboards are designed to last for years and years. We build them with the same care and workmanship  
                        that we use for our other equipment.
          - Frame, Heavy-duty Construction
          - Finish, 2-Part Epoxy wet paint highway safety orange.
          - Features, Long Battery Life, Maintanance Free, Automatic Day-Night Mode, Battery Saver Shut-down, 60 Watt Solar
            Panels, Quiet Operation, Trailer Balance Weight Distribution, (4) 6-Volt Deep Cycle Batteries, Integrated Solar Regulator
Available Options You can choose from a variety of options to customize your own trailer. We offer these with15 Lights or 25 Lights
Proud to be Made in the USA
Serving the Industry since 1993
QUALITY Does Matter!
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As the Market Leader, we have enjoyed over 20 years of continued success...
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