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Emergency Response
        Quality Our custom built units are built to each municipality specifications. Regardless of need, we can build it for you.
          - Frame, Heavy-duty Aluminum Construction.
          - Finish, In your desired color.
         - Features, Ability to cool tent or structure - Provide temperature and ventilation relief to emergency workers - Scene lighting 
            Interior storage - Stand-by power - Compressed air-systems - Large cargo capacity.
Available Options You can choose from a variety of options to customize your own trailer. These units can be outfitted with specific equipment needed in your application
- Endless SCBA Air Refills
- NFPA Ground Lighting
- LED DOT Lighting
- Power Tongue Jack
- John Deere Industrial Engine
- 30kW Generator
- 45 Gallon Fuel Tank
- Cascade System - 6000 PSI
- Intergrated Light Towers
- Tri-Pod Flood Lights
- Compressor, 5 CFM, 6000 PSI
- Medical Grade Purification System
- Electric Brakes
- Bauer Fill Station Class 2
- Heat & Air-Conditioning
Serving the Industry since 1993
Proud to be Made in the USA
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As the Market Leader, we have enjoyed over 20 years of continued success...
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