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        Quality All of our Transit Fiber Splice Vans are custom built to your needs. Our quality has no competition in the market                                  place.
Ford Transit Mid-Roof Vehicle
- Color: White
- Wheel Base: 130"
- Engine: 3.7 Liter V6 Gasoline
- Transmission: 6 Speed Automatic
- GVWR: 9000 Lbs.
Available Options You can choose from a variety of options to customize your own transit
Team Fenex Fiber Optic Splicing Up-Fit Package
- Bulkhead partition- full length                                                     - CO Detector
- Generator: Onan 7 KW EFI- Gasoline                                         - Dedicated storage for water pump, hose,
  (mounted on slide-out frame)                                                          manhole rings, and guard
- Fire Extinguisher                                                                          - Peg board wall panel for tool storage
- Wheel Chocks with Storage                                                         - 120V LED work light, rear, exterior
- Triangle roadside emergency kit                                                  - 2 each, 3-drawer base cabinets, white
- Interior 120V LED lighting kit                                                    - 1 each, 8 drawer storage cabinet
- Air Conditioner- roof mount, 13,500 BTU with heat strip          - Monitor stand wall mount
- 220V forced air wall heat                                                             - Peephole (Rear Curbside Door)
- Cable entry doors, 2 each 14" x 14" with 6" inner cable             - Chrome grab handles 7"
   whisker door                                                                                - Receptacle 30A 240V pin & sleeve
- Aluminum cable clamp                                                                - Sound dampening kit
- Ladder rack, (roof mount, with manual lever
- 6 Each, LED safety strobe lights, exterior
- 2 each, 120V power strips, interior
- 22" deep counter top
- Team Fenex control panel with breakers, 120 VAC receptacles
   and 12VDC converter
Transit Fiber Splice Van
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